Ever since I was a small child I have been constructing things. It could be anything from a three floor hut with waterproof roof in a tree, to a ”ball picker” to get balls that were lost in the gutter on a house. The latter was even quite beautiful. 

This interest in constructing things and a great curiosity on how things work, combined with a sense of aesthetics and a great interest in art made me start creating mobiles. Of course Alexander Calder’s mobiles have been of great inspiration. I wanted to create something of my own and when I started experimenting with stretched metal and rivets I came up with the mobiles I now call Nebula (it means cloud in Latin). I think it is a great name for these objects that look as if they are floating or hanging invisibly in the air. 

Cut metal in geometrical shapes put together with rivets and spray painted is the way I create my work; mobiles, stabiles, vases and reliefs. I hope you like my work as much as I like creating it.

Behind the scenes